Day 2: The job I’m going for today is IT/Internet support and I’m not sure how much it pays. I think it’s in the teens, but I’ll know later today. Yesterday, I went for a job as a Technical Specialist for the city, which means I would be working downtown. Sweet! It pays starting at $18/hr. It’s basically the same job I do now as a student, only it pays way more. I’m leaning towards working for the city. It would be a great experience. But, I am also considering who wants me to start the soonest. Either way, which ever one I don’t choose, I’m going to refer one of my friends. I’m so anxious and super excited! God is working! Peace.

"If all goes well this week, by Friday, I will be celebrating so many accomplishments. Not just a new job offer that has the potential to quadruple my income, but I have a lot of work to do this week. I believe I can do it all. Anything is possible. Pray for me."