He’s like my little piece of heaven on Earth. I see all of the bits and pieces, qualities and characteristics that I love about my family, all molded perfectly within him. Yet, he is still his own man. I know now that it is the reason why he seemed so familiar to me when we first me and why I feel at home whenever I am around him. He is so amazing. He is the reason I started this tumblr and the main reason why I keep it going.

I know that the more time we spend together and the more we get to know each other will only be sweeter. It’s a blessing to know him. It’s a blessing just knowing that he exists. So, I will do whatever I can to always remind him how special he is. This is for Him. With so much love…Happy Birthday, Chi! “You go, boy!” ❤❤❤😊😚😜



I have not really said much about what’s been in the news lately. The nonsense that’s happening in the heart of the US. But, I finally got up the nerve to address it. So, a little while ago, CNN released audio obtained from a man who allegedly lives in the Canfield Apartments (Where Michael Brown Jr. was gunned down by a police officer). It contains the sound of gunshots from the shooting on August 9th. It sounds like at least 10 shots were fired at the young man. There was a brief pause in the middle of the gunfire. The pause is what a lot of people are questioning. Why the pause? It gave Officer Wilson time to think before firing again. The pause coincides with the witness accounts which said that Darren Wilson paused and fired again once Michael was surrendering.

Well, I spoke to my mom who was a police officer for almost 20 years in Houston. I’d say she’s got a lot of wisdom in the matter. One of the things I asked her was how many bullets are in a standard clip. She said, “It depends on the clip. It can be from 8 to 12 bullets in a clip. It may have jammed.” But, the pause was only a couple of seconds, so there was not time to reload or anything. To that she replied, “Oh nevermind, that’s bad.” She said that it’s sad and found it disturbing that this young man, someone’s child was laying in the street for hours. 

She always tells me that when cops have to chase you or feel like their authority has been challenged,they get angry (The bad ones) and retaliate. Not all cops are bad. Darren Wilson, however, pretty much emptied the clip on Mike Brown who was unarmed and according to witnesses, running for his life before surrendering…and subsequently being gunned down.

My mother has given us ‘the talk’ about how to handle ourselves when dealing with cops throughout our whole lives…because we are black. My older brother being a 6’3” buff guy, is an automatic target. He gets the talk way more than me, of course. Again, not all cops are bad, but they are held at a higher standard than they actually deserve. Their duty is to protect & serve the community and enforce laws in a fair and just manner. Not to instill fear, disrespect people, and abuse false powers. This case is and will be a catalyst that brings about accountability and consequences for police officers who break laws both on and off duty. I pray that our generation gets it right and make the changes that this nation and the world so desperately needs. 

Rest in peace…

Michael Brown Jr.

Eric Garner

Ezell Ford

John Crawford III

Kajieme Powell

Travyon Martin

Oscar Grant

Sean Bell

Darius Simmons

Raymond Allen

Kendrec McDade

Kimani Gray

Timothy Stansbury Jr.

Victor Steen

Aaron Campbell

Alonzo Ashley 

Ervin Jefferson

Wendell Allen

Travares McGill

Ramarley Graham

And every other victim of senseless violence and excessive force. Black -on-Black crime is still and major issue. All violent crimes are horrible. But, death by the hands of those who are sworn to protect us without any consequences is flat out UNACCEPTABLE!!! Cops only get slaps on their wrists when they commit these horrific crimes. Things have to change, today. Every life is significant no matter their ethnicity or economic status. We can no longer overlook these tragedies because either one of us could be next. But, change is coming...